Scientists discovered perfect breakfast

Breakfast must be full of proteins, like eggs, yogurt or fat-free beef and it might help people to keep slim body shape and stay away from midnight snacks. This is the conclusion of specialists from the University Of Missouri (USA). […]


Meridia vs Phentermine

Meridia and Phentermine are classed as centrally acting drugs. These drugs are intended for treatment of excess weight or obesity in adult people. […]


Overeating causes memory lapses

American scientists established that daily consumption of 2100-6000 calories doubles the likelihood of problems with memory in elderly age. The study involved over 1200 people, aged 70 to 89. […]


Phentermine Contraindications

Contraindications are the states, characterized by high risk of side effects due to the use of Phentermine drug. Having at least one contraindication for the use of Phentermine drug, means that you cannot use this drug. Compliance with contraindications for the use of Phentermine reduces the risk of side effects significantly. [...]



PhenTabz is a weight loss drug, pharmacological action of which is similar to such weight control medicines as Phentermine, Xenical or Adipex. PhenTabz is not a herbal supplement, but a non-prescription weight loss drug, ensuring a rapid weight loss without side effects. Whereas previously PhenTabz was only available on prescription, now it [...]



PhenBlue is a weight loss drug, which manufacturer is a pharmaceutical company, called Intechra Health. PhenBlue diet capsules contain pharmacological ingredients that allow to reduce body weight and to get a healthy beautiful body. PhenBlue drug provides a significant weight loss just as one of the most demanded weight loss products in [...]


Phen375 and other fat burners

At the time (2014), global market offers a huge amount of fat burners, besides Phen375. Years of experience show, that not all fat burners are effective. Moreover, some of them can be a real threat to your health. […]