Best Duromine dosage for men

Best Duromine dosage for men

Duromine is produced in capsule form. Each Duromine capsule contains 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of Phentermine Hydrochloride substance.

Phentermine active substance is contained in Duromine capsules as resins. This allows Duromine capsules to dissolve in stomach gradually.

It should be remembered that there is no Duromine dose, which would ideally suit for the obesity treatment in all groups of men. Obesity is a chronic disease, the treatment of which often requires an individual approach.

Men should not choose Duromine dosage on their own. Duromine slimming pills are a prescription drug, which can be prescribed by a doctor only. You can buy Duromine capsules in pharmacies, only if you have a prescription. Before getting a prescription, men need to undergo a medical examination.

Duromine dosage is indicated after a medical examination. Many factors can affect the choice of Duromine dosage. One of them is man’s age.

  • Young people, aged 12 to 16, should not take high Duromine doses.Usually, young people lead a more active lifestyle and do not have serious problems with metabolism. Therefore, it is enough taking Duromine 15mg or 30mg to reduce weight. If necessary, the dosage may be increased.
  • In adults, the organism is already formed, so they can be indicated any Duromine dose.A large number of mature obese men can take maximum Duromine daily dose of 40mg and have no negative reactions.
  • Older men often have violations of the basic body functions, so they should not take high doses of any medicinal drugs.Duromine 15 mg or 30 mg can reduce appetite in most elderly patients. Patients, older than 65 years, should be examined periodically by a doctor, if they take doses of 30 mg or 40 mg.

The choice of Duromine dosage may be affected by the obesity degree, waist circumference and body mass index. As a rule, the heavier is the obesity, the higher Duromine dosage is recommended to a man.

Obese men often have high blood pressure and other cardiovascular system disorders. Such patients should not take high Duromine doses. Duromine slimming pills should not be taken in severe cardiovascular diseases.

At the beginning of obesity treatment Duromine is prescribed in small doses of 15mg or 30mg. This allows checking the organism reaction to Phentermine. If small Duromine doses do not cause significant loss of appetite, the dosage may be increased to 40 mg.

Duromine 40 mg slimming pills contain more active ingredient Phentermine, and, therefore, can fight obesity more effectively. Continuous treatment with Duromine 40 mg can cause side effects in some men.

Most common side effects are insomnia, dry mouth, change in heart rate and breathing problems. Such patients may be recommended to reduce Duromine dosage.

Obese men often have problems with potency and sexual desire. Obesity is one of the main factors, which can cause sexual dysfunction and impotence in men of any age.

Rarely, slimming pills Duromine can cause sexual dysfunction. Therefore, men, who already have observed sexual dysfunction before Duromine, should take these slimming pills with caution.

Duromine may worsen reaction and violate reflex functions. Men’s work is often associated with driving or operating complex machinery. Therefore, patients with reaction deterioration are recommended to reduce Duromine dosage or operate machinery with caution.