Cupuacu Pure

Cupuacu Pure

Cupuacu is a new safe and effective fat burner. Cupuacu is so-called “pharmacy in a fruit”. Therefore, apart from weight loss and slim figure, the application of Cupuacu provides an improvement of overall health and immunity.

The main ingredient of Cupuacu is excreted from the fruit of Cupuacu tree, which looks like cacao tree and grows in tropical forests of South America.

  • Fruits of Cupuacu tree are of a melon size, covered with brown shell, under there is white flesh with big seeds, tasting and smelling like chocolate.

Thousands years ago, Cupuacu fruit were used for health strengthening, as well as to keep hair, nails and skin healthy.

Cupuacu is one of the secrets, used for preserving youth and beauty of South American women. The secret of Cupuacu is that it contains a lot of nutrients, amino and fatty acids.

Common ingredients of Cupuacu extract, are:

  • Quercetin

Flavonoid Quercetin causes an indirect impact on weight loss. The main effect of Quercetin is to improve the blood flow and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Clinical studies have revealed that Quercetin reduces the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in people with excess weight.

Cupuacu Pure
  • Catechin

Using Catechin antioxidant in high concentrations provides weight loss. When used within 14 days, Catechin contributes to a significant decrease in the body mass and reduces the circumference of waist and amount of subcutaneous fat. Apart from Cupuacu, the largest concentration of Catechin is found in green tea.

  • Niacin Though

Contained in Cupuacu Pure niacin though eases transformation of carbohydrates into glucose, used by the body as energy. Such effect speeds up metabolism, resulting in increased amount of burnt fat and significant weight loss.

  • Theacrine

The effect of Theacrine is similar to the effect of caffeine Anhydrous. Theacrine from Cupuacu Pure increases energy and speeds up metabolism, which allows to burn more fat deposits.

Weight loss as a result of Theacrine use, occurs due to lessening of fat mass, but not the muscle mass. Because of this effect, person taking Cupuacu Pure not only loses weight but also gets a beautiful body shape.

One can get a maximum weight loss by using Cupuacu Pure capsules along with a low calorie diet and regular physical exercises.

This combination strengthens the effect of Cupuacu Pure and therefore provides a rapid and easy weight loss. In addition to the weight loss, Cupuacu Pre strengthens person’s overall health and gives him a healthy and beautiful body.