Factors influencing the efficiency of Duromine

Factors influencing the efficiency of Duromine

Nowadays, the most popular medications to treat obesity are those that are intended to suppress the appetite.

Duromine is one of such kind of medications.

The efficiency of Duromine therapy depends on many factors. One of the factors, influencing the efficiency of Duromine is its route of administration.

Duromine belongs to the drugs that have to be used by mouth. One capsule of this appetite suppressant drug should be ingested with water without chewing.

Oral route of administration of Duromine anorectic drug allows all the ingredients in the capsule to be easily absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract and to start its therapeutic action soon after that, namely to reduce the hunger sensation and to create a prolonged feeling of satiety after food consumption.

Another factor that has an impact on the Duromine efficiency is a patient’s age. It is a common knowledge that Duromine weight loss drug has specific properties, affecting the body of children and elderly people.

It is caused by the fact that some systems of children’s body are not fully developed, while elderly people enter the natural phase characterized by fading of different systems of the body.

That is why Duromine is never prescribed for children under 12 years old and elderly people. However, if there are no serious medical contraindications, Duromine psychostimulant can be recommended in rare cases for both children and elderly.

A patient’s gender can also be the factor, determining the efficiency of treatment with Duromine amphetamine-like drug. In most cases, if the conditions of anti-obesity treatment are similar, the effect of Duromine on both men’s and women’s body is equal.

Still, it happens that a patient’s endocrine profile has a great impact on the treatment of obesity. Because male and female endocrine profiles differ, the efficiency of Duromine therapy may vary.

In one case, it can reduce the quality of the therapy by means of Duromine weight loss drug, in others – enhance the treatment effectiveness.

In addition, the individual sensitivity of every patient’s body to one of the components of Duromine drug may reduce the efficiency of the therapy with Duromine slimming drug.

Because of some genetic (congenital) or acquired characteristics, some people may react to the use of Duromine weight loss drug differently.

In most cases, this is caused by allergic reactions when using Duromine more than once. Allergic reactions to Duromine may vary from slight skin manifestations to mild side effects.

The body states, like puberty period, pregnancy, breastfeeding or decrease of sexual activity are special conditions of the human body.

The use of Duromine during such periods may negatively affect a patient’s health. For instance, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, women should not use Duromine, since there is a great likelihood that the medicine will get into the baby’s body.

The consequences of Duromine effect on the body of a newborn can negatively affect his health in the future. In addition, a balanced diet and active lifestyle may influence the therapeutic effect of Duromine slimming pills as well.

Usually, a nutritive and reach in proteins food makes it difficult for the body to absorb Duromine drug in the gastrointestinal tract and reduces the efficiency of anti-obesity therapy by means of this drug.

The number of meals and the size of portions, as well as adequate physical loads and fresh air optimize the body state, preparing it for an effective anti-obesity therapy by means of Duromine psychostimulant.

It happens that after a certain period of time, doctors recommend overweight patients to repeat the obesity treatment using the same anorectic drug. Multiple use of Duromine may weaken its pharmacological effect and sometimes causes addiction (drug tolerance).

When the body becomes tolerant to Duromine psychostimulant, the pharmacological effect of this drug is reduced. In fact, two processes can cause the tolerance development, such as:

  • the chemical change of the medicine is accelerated and usually it happens because hepatic enzymes split the drug faster than usual;
  • the number of receptors or their affinity for the drug is reduced.

Affinity is the ability of a drug to bind with receptors that release the active ingredient of the drug. Affinity has a great influence on an effective treatment of a patient.

The tolerance to Duromine drug can be caused by a long-term use of amphetamine-like Duromine drug. To avoid the tolerance to this anti-obesity drug, patients should stick to the recommended doses of Duromine or stop using Duromine capsules for some time.