Fastin XR

Fastin XR

Fastin XR is a strong fat burner, produced by pharmaceutical company Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Fastin XR is an updated formula of extended-release weight loss drug – Fastin. Fastin fat burner XR contains a mix of unique plants that are powerful stimulants, maintaining energy, good mood and providing optimal weight.

Fastin XR by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a non-prescription nutritional supplement.

  • Each Fastin XR capsule contains 375 mg of patented blend of the most powerful herbal stimulants.

One of the common ingredients of this energy enhancement and weight loss product is called phenylethylamine HCL. Fastin XR contains 130 mg more phenylethylamine and 50 mg more caffeine, than weight loss pills Fastin.

  • Besides that, the energy enhancement Fastin XR contains sympathomimetic amine 1.3 dimethylamylamine (DMAA).

Sympathomimetic amine acts on norepinephrine neurotransmitter in the body, stimulating the activity. Taking Fastin XR for the weight loss, person feels high energy all day long, he has a good mood and so he loses more fat than without the pills.

Sympathomimetic Fastin XR suppresses appetite. The appetite suppression effect occurs in several days of using the weight loss capsules Fastin XR.

Energy enhancement Fastin XR helps to lose weight while the body is getting used to a new diet regime and high physical activity.

By changing nutritional habits and increasing physical activity, people get maximum effect of Fastin XR capsules.

Fastin XR

One more ingredient of Fastin XR can help to change the nutritional habits and to control the appetite.

This ingredient is 5-Methoxytryptamine Hcl (5-MOT). This active substance (5-MOT) supports the activity of serotonin neurotransmitter, which acts in the satiety center in hypothalamus, thereby suppressing hunger. Person, who takes Fastin XR weight loss capsules, needs a minimal amount of food to feel he is full.

In addition to that Fastin XR capsules contain the most effective weight control ingredients, this weight loss drug also contains the most effective systems of these ingredients delivery, ensuring maximal energy enhancement and rapid weight loss.

Due to extended release of the active ingredients from Fastin XR capsules, person has a good mood, high energy throughout the whole day.

  • The application of Fastin XR capsules promotes weight loss, a better focus on physical exercises, moreover facilitating workouts.

Using Fastin XR capsules, people become more energetic and hardy, therefore can spend more time in gym. Because of enhanced workouts levels, those people who use Fastin XR feel no fatigue. At the same time, their bodies burn more fat than usual, hence providing a rapid weight loss.