Herbal Phentermine vs Phentermine

Herbal Phentermine vs Phentermine

Phentermine is a medication, used to suppress the appetite. Doctors usually prescribe Phentermine to people, suffering from overweight. This drug is not suitable for those, who just want to lose a couple of extra pounds.

Providing the effect similar to amphetamine, Phentermine reduces the appetite and contributes to quick satiety. Patient does not feel hunger pain for a long time and thoughts about food do not bother him; he is full of strength and energy.

  • Phentermine was approved by the US FDA in 1959 as a drug for obesity treatment, which should be used in a short period of time.

The drug is not recommended for prolonged use, because as soon as a patient stops using Phentermine, he becomes prone to gain extra weight again.

The U.S. pharmaceutical market has plenty of different diet supplements, called “Herbal Phentermine”. Herbal Phentermine is available in many health food stores and it is believed that it provides the same therapeutic effect as the prescription drug – Phentermine.

  • Unlike Phentermine, Herbal Phentermine is over-the-counter drug. This is 100% natural and safe appetite suppressant. Created with the same purpose as RX Phentermine, Herbal Phentermine mechanism of action is to increase the metabolism levels. Herewith, it burns calories and increases physical activity of a person.

Although developers of Herbal Phentermine claim that these drugs provide the same therapeutic effect as RX Phentermine, there is no data supporting this statement. Phen375 is one of the drugs that belong to Herbal Phentermine group.

This medicine contains natural ingredients only. Still, these ingredients cannot provide a stable therapeutic effect, unlike the prescription Phentermine. Calcium, found in Phen375 diet pills prevents the loss of muscle mass during weight loss therapy, which means it contributes to a good physical shape.

Citrus Aurantium is a natural stimulant, activating the metabolism and provides weight loss. It is widely used as an ingredient in many weight loss drugs.

Caffeine powder suppresses the appetite within a long time. Herewith, a person is not hungry all day long and he does not think about food anymore. Caffeine increases energy and helps to focus. Thus, the caffeine powder also provides weight loss.

Herbal Phentermine

L-Carnitine is a natural substance that is always in the human body; its shortage may lead to new fat deposits, while its extra amount to fat burning effect obviously.

Capsaicin – type of alkaloid, found in chemical structure of Capsicum. Capsaicin increases the body temperature and speeds up the fat burning process.

However, if patient suffers from severe obesity (BMI is above 30), Herbal Phentermine will not help. Usually, in this case the weight loss specialists advise to use RX Phentermine.

  • In addition, the anti-obesity drug can be recommended those patients, whose BMI is maximum 27 and who are at risk of hypertension, diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia.

Let’s not deny that Phentermine drug from group of amphetamines can cause severe side effects. But it does not mean that the patient will suffer from all of the side effects, listed in patient information leaflet.

Often, adverse reactions occur because of individual characteristics of the body, patient’s age and concomitant diseases.

Moreover, it should be noted that side effects arising during anti-obesity therapy by means of Phentermine are temporary and usually disappear during the first week of the drug use.

  • Instead, the anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine appetite suppressant is more effective than the therapy with Herbal Phentermine.

Although some specialists say that Herbal Phentermine does not cause side effects, patients should stick to the method of use of the drug that is indicated by the manufacturer. To avoid side effects, patients must never exceed the prescribed dosage of Herbal Phentermine.

It is not recommended to use Herbal Phentermine if a patient is allergic to any of the drug ingredients or he has some heart disease. It should be said that unlike Herbal Phentermine, Phentermine slimming pills has certain contraindications for use.

Anorexigenic drug must never be used in such disorders as glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, drug addiction, coronary artery disease, chronic heart failure and uncontrolled hypertension.

Despite the difference in the ingredients of Herbal Phentermine and Phentermine, Herbal Phentermine can replace Phentermine psychostimulant for most patients suffering from diseases, listed above.

It is necessary to say that many dishonest people speculate on the brand name of Phentermine weight loss drug.

  • It happens that the drug becomes very popular among people. Nonetheless, this article was written not to compromise Phen375 or any other Herbal Phentermine drug.

This article was written to give the right idea of what Phentermine anti-obesity drug really is. It is necessary to help ill people to clearly understand the difference between Phentermine psychostimulant and Herbal Phentermine.

Herbal Phentermine diet supplements are available for everybody; you do not need to have a doctor’s prescription to buy it.

You can easily order these pills on online pharmacy, since they do not require to consult a doctor and do not cause dependence. Please keep in mind that Herbal Phentermine is suitable for people, who do not suffer from severe obesity.

Amphetamine-like Phentermine is a prescription medicine, which stimulates the central nervous system of people. It is used as a short-term means to fight against obesity. For better effect, it is used in combination with hypocaloric diet and physical activity.

Phentermine must be used under the supervision of a skilled medical specialist. The weight loss effectiveness depends on the choice of drug and on how much a patient adheres to the doctor’s recommendations.