Italian women are the slimmest in Europe

Italian women are the slimmest in Europe

According the latest data of National Statistical Institute, the skinniest women of Europe live in Italy. The numbers don’t lie – only 7.9% of Italian women are overweight.

Next countries where the slimmest women live are – Austria, Denmark and French.

Other statistics shows that the greatest number of overweight women in Europe is registered in the UK (23%), Germany (21.7%) and Malta (21.2%).

In fact, about one of four men from Malta (which is 25.1%) is overweight or obese. While in the UK, overweight men are 22.3% and in Germany – 18.8%. Speaking of Italy, only 18.3% of men are considered obese.

But the first and second places of the thinnest males in Europe belong to Romania and Holland. The National Statistical Institute registered only 7.9% overweight men in Netherlands and 7.7% in Romania.