The list of professions leading to obesity

The list of professions leading to obesity

According to CareerBuilder JobSearch specialists, all professions can be divided into two groups: number one – jobs that cause weight loss, number two – jobs causing obesity.

The survey included 3700 people.

  • Over half (55%) of them told that they had weight problems.

The results of the survey have demonstrated that the risk of obesity is associated with such profession as director’s assistant (69%), engineer (56%), teacher, nurse and system administrator (51%), lawyer (48%), machine operator (45%) and scientist (39%).

Only 56% of people believe that sedentary lifestyle is the one to blame for their excess weight.

  • In addition, they called stress, irregular and unhealthy diet, pressure of colleagues on their diet another cause of overweight.

However, 16% of respondents said that they had lost their body weight because of their job.