Meridia vs Phentermine

Meridia vs Phentermine

Meridia and Phentermine are classed as centrally acting drugs. These drugs are intended for treatment of excess weight or obesity in adult people.

This review will show you what is better to choose – Meridia or Phentermine.

Choosing the best drug will help you to cure obesity as quickly as possible and reduce the risk of concomitant diseases.

  • The pharmacological activity of both drugs is similar to prototype of this class of drug – Amphetamine. The mechanism of action of Meridia and Phentermine lies in suppression of appetite and an increase of fat burn rate.

Meridia and Phentermine are meant for the treatment of exogenous obesity in combination with behavioral modification, limited consumption of calorie food and increased physical activity.

Despite the fact that both drugs are similar in many ways, the trade license of Meridia was withdrawn from the market in most countries of the world (the USA, EU, Australia, the UK and Canada).


Phentermine is sold at pharmacies, but it is available just in a few countries.


The beginning of this century was marked by several large-scale trials, studying safety and effectiveness of anorexigenic drugs. It was revealed that Meridia drug could increase the risk of cardiovascular pathologies significantly.

  • Phentermine can also cause the cardiovascular side effects, but not as severe as side effect of Meridia. However, people with mild heart disease should be careful using Phentermine.

Obese people can buy Phentermine weight loss pills in the USA, Australia, NZ and some other countries of the globe. At the moment, Phentermine is not available at European pharmacies.

According to results of clinical trials, Phentermine is a better drug than Meridia. Phentermine has been known since 1959.

This anti-obesity drug has already helped millions of people to reduce the body weight and change their lifestyle.

  • The drawback of Phentermine weight loss pills is the fact that doctors recommend using them no longer than 12 weeks.

If you still want to go on and lose weight after you finished using Phentermine or if this drug is contraindicated for you, you can use natural appetite suppressants.