Morbid obesity and therapy with Duromine

Morbid obesity and therapy with Duromine


The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined morbid obesity (MO) as the body mass index (BMI) above 40, while the National Healthcare Institute of the USA has determined morbid obesity by the cases when the BMI was higher than 35, accompanied by some comorbidities.

Scientists found out that MO affects the life span of people of working age. Moreover, MO causes unfavorable medical, psychological and social consequences for patient himself and the society.

From a medical point of view, MO is accompanied by hypertension, coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea and other somatic diseases almost all the time.

The psychosocial aspect of MO problem is associated with professional discrimination of people, suffering from obesity, low self-esteem, problems in personal life, namely the sexual and behavioral disorders.

The MO treatment methods include the following:

  • Non-drug treatment
  • Drug therapy
  • Surgical treatment

Non-drug treatment of MO involves the change of lifestyle, diet and intense physical activity of a patient. The surgical treatment of MO consists of vertical gastroplasty, gastric banding surgery, gastric bypass surgery and biliopancreatic diversion.

However, there is the number of contraindications for MO surgical treatment. For instance, pregnancy and breastfeeding, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer exacerbation, cancer and mental disorders.

If doctor does not recommend to do a surgery, the only way left to fight MO is a drug therapy.

The drug therapy is one of the most effective methods of MO treatment. Its efficiency is explained by that it stimulates the psychic and satiety centers of the brain without any surgical intervention.

One of the drugs, developed for MO drug therapy is called Duromine. Duromine anti-obesity drug is known as means to cure any kinds of obesity. Duromine made a good showing on pharmaceutical markets of Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.

Duromine is a psychostimulant, which effect is aimed at the work of the central nervous system. Duromine anorectic drug suppresses the appetite by increasing the action of neurotransmitters (norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin).

Phentermine – the active substance, found in Duromine anti-obesity caps, increases the metabolism levels in the body. Herewith, Phentermine stimulates the thermogenesis (the process of heat production, which burns a large amount of calories consumed with food).

In its turn, the stimulated thermogenesis increases the ability of Phentermine to influence the weight loss process.

The safety and efficiency of Duromine treatment course were confirmed by a great number of clinical trials. In fact, Duromine anorectic drug helped to lose the body mass of people, suffering from MO by over 10%. In a complex MO treatment and adherence to a healthy eating and active lifestyle, the number of people who lost weight has increased by several times.

Duromine cures MO effectively in patients with depressive disorders. In the last century, Phentermine – active ingredient of Duromine was discovered by scientists as a remedy for depressive states.

However, the effect of Phentermine as an antidepressant was weak; still, it was noticed that this drug could suppress hunger pangs significantly. Thus, the pharmacological effect of this amphetamine-like ingredient Phentermine improves mood and motivates people to win the fight against MO.

Duromine slimming drug is intended for MO treatment in adults and adolescents over 16 years old. Thanks to Duromine special properties, which can affect the central nervous system, this anorectic drug is contraindicated for children and elderly.

The treatment course with Duromine begins with 15 mg of Phentermine, one time a day. The entire dose is to be taken with breakfast, with the full glass of water, not chewing the pill. After several weeks of this treatment course, the results analysis is carried out. If the analysis shows that the treatment of MO was ineffective, the dose of Duromine can be increased up to 30 mg of Phentermine a day.

Despite the fact that Duromine is well tolerated by all patients and is not accompanied by severe side effects, Duromine just like any other medication can still cause some side effects.

The potential side effects are: insomnia (progressing over time), anxiety and worry, headaches, dizziness, weakness, high blood pressure and dry mouth.

It should be noted that all these side effects do not last for long and do not cause much discomfort. Besides, the therapeutic effect you get from Duromine pills is worth of these mild side effects.

However, people with MO and serious comorbidities, must be very attentive while using Duromine. The most common MO comorbidities are primary pulmonary hypertension, valvular heart disease, hyperthyroidism and glaucoma.

Sometimes, patients need to repeat the treatment of MO by means of Duromine after some time. A multiple treatment with Duromine anorectic drug may weaken the pharmacological effect of Duromine, causing addiction (tolerance) to the drug.

The tolerance to Duromine anorectic drug usually develops during the first few weeks. In case of tolerance to Duromine, a patient must not increase the prescribed dose of this drug, but should better stop using this amphetamine-like drug for a while.

Global epidemic of obesity is one of the most important problems these days, since it is connected with the human health as a whole. Obesity is one of the diseases that can relapse, i.e. can occur more than once even if it seems you defeated it.

A complex approach in MO treatment by means of Duromine is a drug therapy, combined with active lifestyle and a balanced diet and it is a guarantee of effective anti-obesity treatment and a prevention of obesity relapses in the future.