Obesity and Botox

Obesity and Botox

Staff of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology said that the well-known cosmetic (Botox) getting rid of wrinkles, can be used in the treatment of morbid obesity. Thus, Botox can become an alternative to expensive and dangerous surgeries (gastric bypass).

The conclusion of scientists is based on the results of the experiment on rats.

  • The specialists under the direction of Helen Johannessen injected Botox in the vagus nerve in the stomach of rodents.

After five weeks, the rats lost 20-30% of their weight. Such treatment has paralyzed the vagus nerve causing the feeling of hunger and controlling the passage of food through the intestines.

As the authors explain, nerve palsy leads to the paralysis of the stomach muscles; this slows the passage of food through the intestines. “This effect can be the basis for a new treatment, which will make people feel full longer than before”, – believes H.Johannessen.


According to her, human clinical trials will begin after approval of the Ethics Council of the Norwegian Medical Association. “We will invite to participate in the experiment obese patients, appointed the operation, but for some reason they cannot withstand it,” – said the author.

Obesity is becoming more and more common around the world. The disease can cause problems with the heart and diabetes. According to WHO estimates, already today obesity takes 2-8% of costs on health care, 10-13% of deaths associated with it.

Previously, the scientists have claimed about the benefits of Botox in the treatment of dystonia, migraine, Bell’s palsy – a disorder of facial nerve, which leads to a sudden weakness or paralysis of the muscles on one side of the face, as well as pollen disease – a seasonal disease caused by an allergic reaction to pollen.