People die from obesity more often than from famine

People die from obesity more often than from famine

The researchers from 50 countries announced the results of a study, stating that over the last 20 years, the mortality rate of obesity became three times higher than lethal outcomes from starvation.

According to the rapporteurs, this evidenced of massive changes in the health tendencies.

Later, scientists analyzed the death stats of 1990 and 2010 and concluded that high body mass index has caused death of three millions of people.

  • Thus, obesity has risen from 10 to 6 position in the list of risk factors of death. Malnutrition is on the 8th place.

The report says that all the countries, except for Africa, faced a large increase in obesity incidents – 82% over the last decades.

Still, in Africa (to the south of Sahara) malnutrition stays the main reason of death among children and teenagers.

The scientists have also established that heart attacks and strokes are still among the main “killers” these days (one of four lethal outcomes in the world).