Scientists discovered perfect breakfast

Scientists discovered perfect breakfast

Breakfast must be full of proteins, like eggs, yogurt or fat-free beef and it might help people to keep slim body shape and stay away from midnight snacks. This is the conclusion of specialists from the University Of Missouri (USA).

The scientists found out an interesting fact: protein food helps to control the appetite. According the study, about 60% of young Americans skip the most important meal of the day – breakfast.

Heather Leidy from the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri thinks that the proper morning meal is the key to solving of obesity problem in the USA, where over 25 millions of people are obese.

Perfect Breakfast

The university specialists conducted an experiment; involving 20 young women aged 18-20, who suffered from overweight or obesity.

They divided the testees into groups: the first one did not have breakfast, the second on ate foods high in protein (eggs, meat) and the third one – whole grain foods. In general, their breakfast consisted of 350 calories. During the experiment, women should fill in special questionnaire and do blood tests.

  • Using MRI, the scientists have scanned women’s brain, especially the area, controlling motivation to eat and eating process. It was established that high-protein breakfast (35 g of protein) helped to feel full, regulate the energy expenditure and reduced the brain activity.

Women consuming that kind of breakfast, refused from fatty and sweet food at evening, while women who consumed whole grains or who did not have breakfast at all, on the contrary – could not help but eat sweets or fatty snacks at night.

The author of this research stated, – “High protein breakfast determines what you will eat throughout the day. The data we received show that proper morning meals can prevent overeating and improve the quality of the entire daily diet, replacing snacks by some qualitative foods consumed for breakfast”.

For those people, who don’t like to have breakfast, the specialist recommend to break this habit at least for three days a week, since this time is enough for the body to adapt to a new work regimen. For more details of this study, read the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.