Phen375 and other fat burners

Phen375 and other fat burners

At the time (2014), global market offers a huge amount of fat burners, besides Phen375. Years of experience show, that not all fat burners are effective. Moreover, some of them can be a real threat to your health.

Before using Phen375 or any other fat burner, obese person should find out several questions for himself:

What ingredients a fat burner contains, and how they work.
What side effects can cause a fat burner?
Is the fat burner safe in prolonged use?
Does the fat burner have a potential for drug interactions.

Phen375 contains only natural ingredients: Coleus Forskolii Root PE, Calcium Carbonate, Caffeine, Chromium Pikolinate, Dendrobium Nobile extract, Citrus Aurantium, L-Carnitine (L-Tartrate) and Cayenne (Capsicum).

Each of these Phen375 ingredients can individually have a positive impact on your health. 

However, combined action of ingredients significantly increases weight loss rate. After creating Phen375, scientists were stunned by the results. Patients, taking Phen375, manage to decrease their body weight by 3-5 pounds per week, on average.

• Phen375 does not cause side effects.

Unlike other fat burners, Phen375 causes no side effects in patients with any type of obesity.  Even prolonged use of Phen375 causes no side effects. Besides, Phen375 has no contraindications and, therefore, it can be bought without a prescription.

Checking of many fat burners revealed that manufacturers often do not adhere to the specified substances’ dosages. This significantly reduces fat burners’ efficacy and may cause unpredictable results. Moreover, some manufacturers do not use indicated agents at all.

Phen375 is produced in U.S. laboratories, approved by the FDA.

  • This allows producing quality pills Phen375 and stick to the specified dosage.

Each Phen375 tablet contains all ingredients, specified by the manufacturer. Phen375 is produced by a unique technology, due to which Phen375 pills contain only the purest natural ingredients.

• Phen375 does not contain Ephedrine.

Some of the fat burners still contain ephedra extract, or Ephedrine. It has been proven that Ephedrine has many side effects and may adversely affect cardiovascular system. Therefore, use of Ephedrine-containing medicines is limited in many countries (e.g. U.S., Canada, EU and Australia).

  • Phen375 does not contain Ephedrine and, thus, can effectively reduce appetite, accelerate metabolism and increase fat burning rate.

Phen375 is a 100% legal product, the production of which complies with legislations of various countries.