Phentermine in elderly

Phentermine in elderly

When you grow older, it is getting harder to keep a normal body weight. In the middle age, it is much more difficult for people to lose excess kilograms that actually harm health. Often people are prescribed with Phentermine weight loss drug in addition to a diet therapy and physical exercises.

Excessive weight in old age exceeds the risk of diabetes and coronary artery disease, as well as violations in the musculoskeletal system (backache or osteoarthritis). When getting their weight loss by means of Phentermine, elderly people feel their overall health is getting better.

A drug therapy of obesity in elderly age is recommended to be started with a minimal dose of Phentermine 15mg.

Elderly people (over 65 years old) mostly suffer from kidney failure and (or) liver dysfunction. If Phentermine is found in urine, then people with kidney failure are at high risk of toxic reaction.

During anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine, in order to reduce the risk of toxic reaction elderly patients need to monitor the liver function. In obese patients, doctors observe high renal plasma flow, increased glomerular filtration rate and increased urinary albumin excretion.

Causal relationship between glomerular hyperfunction in obesity and nephrotic syndrome is not fully understood.

  • However, because of weight loss caused by Phentermine, a glomerular function in elderly obese people is improved.

With age, metabolism becomes slower and hence the amount of burnt calories is reduced. Fat accumulated in the body causes hormonal changes that violate the body functions and prevent weight loss. In fact, it is much harder to keep a diet in elderly age than in young age.

Phentermine is known as an appetite suppressant; therefore, its use makes anti-obesity therapy much easier.

  • By taking just one pill of Phentermine 15mg in the morning, an elderly person uses much less food throughout a day than he used to. When the number of calories is smaller, then a person’s body weight becomes smaller too.

Thanks to anorexigenic effect of Phentermine, during drug therapy a person consumes as much calories as he needs for normal functioning of his body.

Changing eating habits and moderate physical activity combined with Phentermine prevent the accumulation of fat deposits.

When growing old, people become not as active as before. If physical activity is low, then even a minimal amount of food may cause weight gain. Physical activity is one of the important components of anti-obesity drug therapy with Phentermine.

  • Elderly people often develop osteoarthritis and backache, which prevent them from making any physical exercises.

Therefore, elderly people are recommended to change exercises for a brisk walk. Walking 40-60-minutes and using Phentermine pills daily, help people older than 65 to achieve their weight loss goals.

When using Phentermine weight loss pills, elderly people get weight loss, moreover this anti-obesity medication:

Improves insulin resistance
Reduces total cholesterol
Increases the movement activity
And reduces the risk of pathologies

Post-marketing studies have shown that Phentermine not only helps to lose weight, but also increases the energy potential in elderly patients. Weight loss, achieved with the help of Phentermine drug therapy improves people’s state and restores their vitality. As a result, people look much younger of their peers.