Safety use of Phentermine diet pills in childhood

Safety use of Phentermine diet pills in childhood

Body sensitivity to medications (like for example Phentermine) changes, depending on the age of a patient. All organs and systems of the human body affect the absorption rate, therapeutic effect and excretion rate of Phentermine drug. Everybody is different, therefore Phentermine dosage is adjusted individually for each clinical case.

Sympathomimetic medication for exogenous obesity treatment Phentermine is contraindicated in childhood obesity (age under 16).

  • Australia is among few countries where Phentermine medication is indicated for the treatment of obesity in children over 12 years old.

Because of little body mass of children and insufficient peripheral circulation, the reaction of growing body to Phentermine differs from reaction of adult body.

When Phentermine is used in children, it is slowly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

Since pH of gastric juice in children is quite different from gastric juice pH in adults.

  • Indeed, enzyme systems of a growing body (providing Phentermine absorption in intestines) work slower than in adults.

There is no reliable data on the impact of gastric microflora on the absorption of Phentermine. However, many medicines (Phentermine included) can violate microbiocenosis of the bowel in children.

It is known that Phentermine binds to blood proteins when spreading over the body. In children’s age the binding rate of Phentermine with blood proteins is very low, due to which pharmacological effect of Phentermine slimming pills may increase.

Biotransformation of Phentermine occurs in the liver, but Phentermine is mostly excreted by kidneys.

  • Given that liver enzymes activity in children is lower than in adults and that urinary system is not completely formed, the excretion rate of Phentermine out of a child’s body is 2-3 times lower than Phentermine excretion rate out of adult body.

Besides that, blood-brain barrier, responsible for protection of a child’s nervous system is poorly developed. This increases the risk of Phentermine toxic effect on the central nervous system of a child.

There is a lot of adverse factors of Phentermine diet pills effect on a child’s body. It means that one should better use some other medications for obesity therapy in children.

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