Scientists found seven genes responsible for obesity

Scientists found seven genes responsible for obesity

Lately, scientists have found that obesity develops due to combination of several mutations.

European geneticists conducted a large-scale study among 260 thousand volunteers. The results revealed 7 unknown genes in their DNA, mutations in which led to obesity and impaired metabolism. “We all know that genetics play a great role in the development of both mild and severe forms of obesity.

  • What we did not know is that how much the genes, connected to one or the other type of obesity or a slight weight gain, interact with one another.

Our study has shown that extreme obesity develops due to a combination of several mutations, but not one error in gene”, – stated Erik Ingelsson from Uppsala University (Sweden).

Ingelsson with his colleagues discovered this after he had analyzed and compared over 260 thousand of European people (from the GIANT project), aimed at searching genes responsible for height, body mass and other anthropometric characteristics. The volunteers gave their DNA samples and allowed the scientists to measure their height, weight, lung volume, the body mass index and other indices.

Having studied the GIANT data, the scientists identified 273 genes, which variants had affected the anthropometric characteristics in one way or another. After the scientists analyzed their structure and properties, they chose only those that caused changes in the body mass.

This helped Ingelsson and his colleagues to find out seven unknown genes connected to obesity.

Mutations in one or two genes of that kind lead to slight metabolic violations and development of mild forms of obesity.

  • Extreme obesity was developing if the volunteer’s genome contained a large number of such mutations. This fact shows that all obesity forms have similar origin, while their differences are explained by different number of mutations.