Suprenza review

Suprenza review

Suprenza is a trade name of anorexigenic medication Phentermine. Suprenza pills are distributed by Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, Alpex Pharma and Citius Pharmaceuticals.

On the international pharmaceutical market, orally disintegrating tablets are available in:

  • Suprenza 15mg
  • Suprenza 30mg
  • Suprenza 37.5mg

The advantage of Suprenza tablets is that you don’t have to swallow them, since they dissolve in mouth very quickly. Unlike regular Phentermine tablets, which suppress appetite in 40-60 minutes after oral intake, Suprenza pills relieve appetite within 10-15 minutes.


Just as any other stimulant of the central nervous system, Suprenza (Phentermine) is recommended to use at least 5-6 hours before sleep.

When Suprenza tablets are taken in the evening or right before bedtime, person may have problems with falling asleep and (or) insomnia.

  • Suprenza tablets were approved by the FDA for the treatment of obesity in adult patients over 16 years old. Patients should combine balanced diet and active lifestyle, so that Suprenza drug can help to lose weight rapidly.

If obesity is accompanied by hypertension, patients, who use Suprenza, should control their blood pressure. In case the blood pressure increases after the onset of Suprenza therapy, the doctor can recommend reducing Suprenza dose.

Weight loss by means of Suprenza reduces the risk of obesity-related diseases (diabetes, dyslipidemia). Along with the loss of subcutaneous fat, glycemic and lipid profiles are improved.

During the use of Suprenza weight loss tablets with other drugs, side effects may occur or worsen.

  • Therefore, obese or overweight people, who are taking any medications, should start the obesity treatment with minimal daily doses of Suprenza.

Before purchasing Suprenza on online pharmacy, make sure this anti-obesity drug is not contraindicated to you. If you decide to buy Suprenza online, but you need a detailed info about this drug, you can use online consultation of a pharmacist.