Tenuate review

Tenuate review

In 1959, anorexigenic drug Tenuate appeared on pharmaceutical market. Watson Pharms company produces Tenuate in form of oral tablets. Every tablet of Tenuate contains 25mg of active substance Diethylpropion Hydrochloride.

Tenuate is prescribed for weight loss to people, who cannot become slimmer by means of diet and physiotherapy.

Application of this drug helps to lose weight and keep it at this level for long. Weight loss with Tenuate can significantly reduce the risk of diseases that come along with obesity (dyslipidemia, hypertension and diabetes).

  • In fact, regular use of Tenuate tablets reduces the appetite and increases energy levels.

Because person eats less, but moves more than usual, a negative energy balance is formed in the body. To get the energy during Tenuate therapy, the body starts using its fat deposits.

For weight loss, it is recommended to take one tablet of Tenuate 25mg three times a day, one hour before meals. This diet drug should be combined with a low-calorie diet and physical exercises. If person feels an extreme craving for evening meal, he may take one more tablet of Tenuate 25mg.

Use of this anorexigenic drug before sleep can cause insomnia.

Tenuate Review

Besides that, the active ingredient of Tenuate may cause teratogenic effect and penetrate into breast milk. Thus, it is recommended to discuss with your physician all possible risks before using Tenuate in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Depending on the clinical effect and reaction of the body, dosage Tenuate can be changed.

  • At the first week of anti-obesity therapy, doctors recommend titration of Tenuate daily dose, in order to choose the most suitable therapeutic dose. For a maximal effect, it is recommended to use this weight loss drug at one and the same time, regularly.

Tenuate drug is designed for a short-term use.

Therefore, anti-obesity therapy by means of Tenuate lasts for 12 weeks. Usually, a longer use of this drug causes the risk of Tenuate side effects, such as withdrawal syndrome. In order to prevent the withdrawal symptoms and side effects, patient should conduct gradual withdrawal of Tenuate.

Side effects can also arise due to the combined use of Tenuate and some other drugs.

To prevent the Tenuate drug interactions, this weight loss medicine is contraindicated for use with other anorexigenic drugs (Phentermine, Ephedra); MAO inhibitors (Moclobemide, Rasagiline, Tranyltsypromine); SSRIs (Paroxetine, Fluoxetine, Venlafaxine, Duloxetine); antihypertensive drugs (Guanethidine, phenothiazines) and other stimulants.

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