What are the precautions for Duromine?

What are the precautions for Duromine?

Duromine is a potent drug, which can have a significant impact on the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system.

Therefore, some precautions should be taken, when using Duromine slimming pills.

When taking Duromine, it is important not to change the recommended dosage and follow the instructions. When the doctor prescribes a certain dosage, he considers such factors, as age, degree of obesity, individual tolerance and co-morbidities.

Before using Duromine slimming pills, obese patient should know:

  • What dose should he take?
  • How often should he take Duromine?
  • When is it best to take Duromine?

Duromine can be bought in pharmacies in capsule form. Each capsule contains 15 mg, 30 mg or 40 mg of Phentermine active substance in form of resins. It should be remembered that 40 mg is the maximum daily dose. The obese patient should not take more than 40 mg Duromine per day, even if he forgot to take a capsule the other day.

You can improve safety and efficacy, if you take slimming pills Duromine immediately after sleep. This will allow Phentermine active substance to reduce appetite during most part of the day. If you take Duromine in the second half of the day, it can cause difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep.

Patient, taking Duromine slimming pills, should know what side effects this medication may cause. Side effects manifestation should not frighten the patient. Most often, Duromine side effects are not heavy and disappear within a short time. The patient should know what to do and where to go for help in case of serious side effects.

Common Duromine side effects are: dry mouth, insomnia, pain in the chest, swelling of the lower limbs, skin rash, rapid or uncontrolled defecation and deterioration of spatial perception.

Most dangerous side effects of Duromine slimming pills are increased blood pressure and heart rate change. Obese patients often have disruption of heart and circulatory system, so they must be aware of cardiovascular Duromine side effects, and take this drug with caution.

Duromine slimming pills have contraindications, so they cannot be taken in some diseases and pathologies, such as: very high blood pressure, depressive disorder, pulmonary hypertension.  Duromine should not be taken, if patient had a stroke or heart attack in the last six months.

Duromine can harm patient’s health, if he takes it in alcohol or drug dependence. Also, when using Duromine slimming pills, the patient should refrain from using other drugs for weight loss.

If patient needs to take any medication, when he uses slimming pills Duromine, it is necessary to consult a doctor before he does it. Duromine affects brain serotonin level and increases blood pressure, so it is necessary to abandon drugs with similar pharmacological action.

Duromine can cause very serious allergic reaction, but it happens very rarely. Possible allergy symptoms are swelling of throat, face, tongue, skin redness, itching, difficult breathing and severe dizziness. If you are allergic to Duromine, you should stop using these slimming pills.

Patients, who drive vehicles or operate complex machinery, should be cautious, when using this drug. Duromine may worsen spatial perception and slow reaction.

Care should be taken in storing Duromine. Duromine slimming pills should be stored out of reach of children. You cannot share your capsules with other people. If Duromine helps you, it does not mean that these may be useful and safe for other people.